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About me

I am a creative strategist and storyteller with over 7 years of experience in all things digital and I'm dedicated to producing work that is authentic and intentional. 

I've developed and executed content strategies and social media management for clients like HBOMax, Google, Gucci in my role as a Senior Strategist with The Soze Agency and The WACO Theater Center and Angela Rye as the owner of Ninth Flow Creative. I've done work in issue areas that span mental health, voting, racial justice, reproductive justice, and more. I'm passionate about storytelling, specifically in the form of digital video production, talent engagement, and script writing. 

When I’m not working, I’m hanging out with my friends + fam, getting lost in nature, making a masterpiece in the kitchen out of repurposed leftovers or exploring the realms of TikTok. I love trying new wellness products, I can't stop shopping at my local co-op, and switching my hairstyle every week is my vibe. Let's chat! 

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