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WACO Theater Center



Performing Arts


Social Strategy, Social Management, Branding, Content Creation 


Founded in 2017 by Richard and Tina Knowles Lawson, WACO (Where Art Can Occur) Theater Center is located in the burgeoning North Hollywood Arts District of Los Angeles and is one of the few cultural institutions in the country providing contemporary performing and visual arts of the African Diaspora.

My Role

WACO Theater Center wanted a clear social media strategy, daily social media management, and an increase of original content to share on their platforms. Ninth Flow Creative worked to refresh their social media branding, create a consistent posting schedule, refresh content they already had and create new original pieces, build their community, and increase the amount of original content that spoke specifically to their target audience--Black women based in Los Angeles, ages 25-44.


WACO - This Week Friidom Dunn.jpg
WACO Spotlight - Towne Stree Theatre 9x16 (1).jpg
Look & Feel: Before
Look & Feel: After


  • Organic Instagram follower growth in the first 30 days: +2,500

  • Growing their LA audience from 13% to 22% (numbers are still growing)

  • Increase engagements from an average of 1,200/week to an average of 2,000/week  

  • Within the first month of the contract, our MLK Day post went viral and amassed over 1.7M views

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